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José Alberto Orive Vides

José Alberto Orive Vides

Executive Director of the International Sugar Organization

Education: Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala, Ciudad
Specialty: Abogado y Notario. Licenciado en Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales 1983, “Cum Laude”. University, Washington, D.C. LL.M., Maestría en Derecho Internacional Comparado 1985, “Suma Cum Laude”.

1995 - 2013 — Executive Director of Central American Sugar Association (AICA) / Negotiations for the private sugar industry, with emphasis on coordination of    joint actions on priority issues, clearinghouse for information relevant to the sector, publications, participation in international forae.

2010 - 2014  — Partner, ARTLEX (Law firm) / In charge of large corporate clients, distribution contracts and environmental issues, arbitration. 

2014 - present  — Executive Director, International Sugar Organization (ISO).

Andrey Bodin

Andrey Bodin

Executive Director of the Eurasian Sugar Association

1992 - 2007 — He has experience in working with different international trading companies and Russian agroholdings as Director.

Since 2007 — Charmain of the Board of the Russian Sugar Manufactures Union.

Since 2010 — Executive Director of the Association of the Sugar Producers of the Custom Union.

* In 2015 The Association of the Sugar Producers of the Custom Union was renamed to Eurasian Sugar Association.


Sergey Gudoshnikov

Sergey Gudoshnikov

Senior economist, International Sugar Organization
Education: International trade economics in Moscow 
More than 30 years of his professional carrier have been dedicated to the world sugar market.
1978 - 1988 —  worked as a sugar trader, deputy director of Sugar Department of V/O Prodintorg, Moscow, at that time the sole importer of sugar in the Soviet Union.
In 1988 he joined the Secretariat of the International Sugar Organization in London and now he is responsible for economic and policy analysis of the world sugar market. 
He has published numerous articles on different aspects of the world sugar economy as well as has addressed many international conferences around the globe on different issues related to the world sugar market. He co-authored the book “The World Sugar Market” published by Woodhead Publishing Ltd. in the UK and the USA in 2004.
Silke Boger

Silke Boger

Head of Unit European Commission DG AGRI
Since January 2016 Silke Boger has led the Market Unit responsible for Arable Crops and Olive Oil in DG Agriculture (European Commission). Her unit is responsible for managing the economics of the Agricultural Markets for cereals, sugar, rice, oilseeds and olive oil, as well as for the implementation and where necessary the adjustment of the relevant EU market instruments and rules. In this role, Silke also represents the EU and its interests in three International Commodity Bodies, i.e. the International Sugar Organisation, the International Grains Council and the International Olive Council.
Previously, Silke worked for 10 years in DG Human Resources and Security; in her last position as Head of HR serving the Directorate-General with 850 staff as HR business partner.
Before joining the Commission in 2006, Silke worked in agricultural policy-making at National level. She was involved in policy analysis and project implementation, and as Assistant to the State Secretary of the German Agricultural Ministry, contributed to different reforms of EU agricultural policies. Silke holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics.
Igor Kozubenko

Igor Kozubenko

Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
Date of birth: May 22, 1978 
Place of birth: Krasnodar
2000. Kubansky State Technological University
Specialty & academic degree: automation and control in technical systems (system engineer); Bachelor of Management
Work experience
05.2001 – 10.2002. Business positions, Krasnodar Territory;
10.2002 – 10.2012. Chief specialist, Head of the Information Technology Development Sector, Department Head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry of Krasnodar Region;
10.2012 – 04.2013. Top business positions, Krasnodar Territory;
06.2013 – 10.2013. Assistant to the Deputy Governor of the Krasnodar Territory;
10.2013 – 08.2015. Head of the Department of Informatization and Analytical Systems of the Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry of Krasnodar Territory;
05.2016 – 09.2016. Adviser to the Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation;
09.2016 – up to date. Director of the Department for Development and Management of State Information Resources of the Agroindustrial Complex of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.


Marc Corvaiser

Marc Corvaiser

Sugar trader, LDC
Sugar Trader for Louis Dreyfus Company in charge of trades and projects for the CIS, EU, Balkans and North Africa. Since the 90’s, Marc has been active within the CIS covering some white and raw sugar imports, tolling, investments and recently, export of white sugar when the region switched from deficit to surplus.
Ruslan Tsargush

Ruslan Tsargush

Director to support the export of agro-industrial complex Russsian Export Center
2002-2006 - PhD of Legal Sciences at Moscow State Legal Academy.
1997-2002 - Moscow State Law Academy. Graduate of the Law Faculty.
1987-1992 - Sukhum State University. Graduate of the History and Law Faculty.
2014 – Awarded with the official Letter of Gratitude of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia for long-term conscientious work in the system of the Agro-industrial complex.
Professional Activity:
2017 to the present - Russian Export Center, JSC. Director for Export Support of the Agro-Industrial Complex.
2015 - 2016 - Trade House "Nastyusha", LLC Corporation, Moscow (the main supplier of leading STM network retailers X5-Ashan-Dixie). Director General.
2012 - 1015. "United Grain Company", State holding company JSC, Moscow. Director of the Department of State Interventions/Deputy Head of Asset Management Department of "OZK" OJSC.
2010 - 2012 Trade House "Agrotorg", LLC (OJSC "Rosselkhozbank"). Head of projects on management of non-core assets of the "Rosselkhozbank".
2007 - 2008 - "Yauza-Bread", JSC, Moscow. Director General.
1993 - 2006 - Group of companies "Agroindustrial Holding "APK OGO", JSC, Moscow. First Deputy General Director.
Sergey Kiselev

Sergey Kiselev

Deputy director of the Department of the commodity market, Moscow Exchange
Deputy Director of Department of the commodity market of OJSC Moscow Exchange. Candidate of economic Sciences. Has a professional certificate in International fixed income and derivatives (IFID) issued by the ICMA (2005).
On the Moscow stock Exchange in 2013 Ensured a consistent launch trading in precious metals on the Moscow Exchange (2013) and also trades in grain and sugar on the National commodity exchange (enters into Group "Moscow stock Exchange", 2015-2017)
Prior to joining Moscow exchange PJSC 18 years, he worked at Sberbank of Russia, where he specialized in conducting various transactions in the financial markets and headed the unit for development of brokerage services.
Sergey Nosenko

Sergey Nosenko

President of “ASKOND”
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “United Confectioners” Holding
President of the Association of Confectionery Manufacturers “ASKOND” 
He is a Doctor of technical science, professor.
He is an Honoured Worker of the Food Industry of the Russian Federation.
He is President of the Association of Confectionery Manufacturers of the Russian Federation (АSKOND), the Chairman of the Association of confectionery industry of the countries of the Customs Union "ASKOND-CU". A member of the public Council under the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation (2016).
In 1978, he graduated with honours from the Moscow Technological Institute of the Food Industry.
Since 1995, he has served as General Director and President of the Confectionery Company “Babaevsky”.
In 1998 by Decision of the dissertation Council of Moscow State University of Food Production was awarded the Degree of Candidate of technical Sciences.
In 2000, he graduated from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration as a Master of Economics and Finance.
In 2002, has been awarded the Title of Honorary Professor by the decision of the Presidium of the Academic Council of Moscow State University of Food Production
Since 2003, he has served as General Director and Managing Director of United Confectioners LLC.
In 2004, was awarded the Degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences by the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of Russia
In 2007, he received an Executive MBA in Strategic Management.
In 2007, he was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of United Confectioners LLC.
Salis Karakotov

Salis Karakotov

Director General JSC "Schyolkovo Agrochim"

1976 – Graduated from the Department of chemistry and technology of organic synthesis in D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. Then studied in postgraduate study, in 28 years became the Candidate of chemical Sciences, in February 2006 he became a Doctor of chemical Sciences

1981 – start working as a Junior researcher in the Schyolkovo branch of all-Union scientific research Institute of chemical crop protection with experienced factory

1998 – became General Director of "Schyolkovo Agrochim". Under the directorship  of  Salis Karakotov in 18 years from a small plant, produces only eight  chemicals , Schyolkovo Agrochim became one of the leaders in its industry. The company increases its research and production potential each year. For the first time in world practice the production of fungicides, herbicides and seed disinfectants on nanotechnology on an industrial scale

2006 - Schyolkovo Agrochim invests in the project development management in farm "Dubovskoe" in the Oryol region and it has invested the most advanced ideas, knowledge and experience

2011 – S. Karakotov initiates the construction of a modern plant sugar-coated seeds of the Voronezh region, "Betagan Ramon". The company is the largest in Europe, it is able to provide the growers with seeds for almost 40 percent of the needs in Russian Federation.

2014 - the opening of a modern cattle-breeding centre "Betagan Lipetsk". The task of the centre is creating its own domestic production of embryos of elite breeds of livestock for efficient development of livestock farms-customers

Jelena Andrianova

Jelena Andrianova

Sugar office, RCMA
Jelena Andrianova is sugar office and trade operations manager at RCMA Asia Pte Ltd. Jelena has more than fifteen years’ experience in running global forwarding/logistics teams. She joined Cargill in 1999 in Lithuania, managing fertiliser logistics and documentation for five years. In 2004, she moved to Cargill’s white sugar team in Amsterdam where she developed and managed the trade operations teams, including offices in India & Thailand.
As of September 2012 Jelena is a part of RCMA Sugar team, one of the leaders in white sugar containerized trading
Jelena speaks Russian, English, Lithuanian and Dutch
Alexey Bezdenezhnykh

Alexey Bezdenezhnykh

Director General of "Credendo – Ingosstrakh Credit Insurance»
Alexey graduated with honors from the Russian economic Academy im. Plekhanov G. V., holds a degree of candidate of economic Sciences of Russian economic Academy. Plekhanov, G. V., Alex also received a second law degree from Moscow state University. Lomonosov's.
- In the period from 2001 to 2009 Alexey worked in the Management of trade credit insurance "Ingosstrakh", where he studied such topics as the development of the insurance portfolio, risk assessment (underwriting), reinsurance and claims management.
In 2009 Alex joined the top management of the newly established joint venture, OOO "Credendo – Ingosstrakh Credit Insurance".
In 2011 he accepted an offer to join the Russian Export Credit Agency (EXIAR).
In 2015 he was appointed as the new General Director "Credendo – Ingosstrakh Credit Insurance".
Nick Betts

Nick Betts

Programme Manager for the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform
Nick is a Programme Manager for the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform, the global benchmark for sustainable agriculture.
He is an expert at facilitating solutions to agricultural sustainability challenges across the supply chain at the local, regional, and international-level. He has experienced the sector from the perspective of industry, farmer organization, environmental not-for-profit and government.
Ekaterina Dyachenko

Ekaterina Dyachenko

CEO and Founder of
• Went from the analyst to the Project Manager at McKinsey & Co in Moscow and South African offices, where she advised private and state mining, metallurgical, infrastructure and energy companies on strategy and operational transformation on emerging markets (China, Brazil, South Africa, Ukraine, Kazakhstan);
• As Investment Director for Investment Company A1 in the African Region, she worked in 15 countries in Africa, where she assessed investment projects in the mining and oil sectors;
• Head of 2 federal pilot projects in the Energy Efficiency Working Group of the Commission for Modernization and Technological Development, one of the creators of the Skolkovo eco-system for technological entrepreneurship and the first Head of the Energy Efficient Technologies Cluster;
• In 2014 launched - online trading platform and began to sell non-raw goods of Russian producers from all over the country;
• Head of the Board of Trustees of the Charity Fund "Change One Life".

• Graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute;
• Passed the corporate MBA program in Toronto;
• Candidate for a Master's degree of Finance in the economic policy of the State (School of Asian and African Studies (SOAS) of the University of London).
Oleg Alexandrov

Oleg Alexandrov

Head of the project Integrated technologies, Rostselmash
Born in 1979 in Baku. Have journalistic education. Graduated from the faculty of public Relations Armavir Linguistic University. 
From 1997 to 2005 he worked in television. 
2005 - 2007 he directed konsaltingovoy company. 
From 2007 to 2013 vozglavil marketing Department of AMACO in Russia. 
From 2014 to 2016 worked in the marketing team of the company Syngenta. 
From November 2016 head of the project Integrated technologies of Rostselmash. 
Married. Three children.
Boris Ignatiev

Boris Ignatiev

Innovative company "Apeks Plus"

Professional activities:

The Group management of the safety of food and feed products. The implementation of security Systems and product quality based on the HACCP Principles. Development of programs of obligatory preliminary actions for good manufacturing and laboratory practices. Control finished products quality and safety. The organization claims activity of the enterprise. Organization of sampling products and raw materials. Training classes on issues of GMOs. The idea of GK "COMMONWEALTH" when conducting external audits of certification Bodies in ISO 22000, ISO 9001, GMP+, CERT ID NON GMO, PTOTERRA, SMETA,KASHRUT, CNLH RB, and second party audits companies Skretting, Mars, Bic Services, Bio Mar, Nestle Purina, Charoen, Biokom, Protein plus, biochem-SEVIS, the Soyuz TM and others.


1996-1974 - Leningrad technological Institute

1976-1982 - Kaliningrad technical Institute of fishing industry (KSTU)

1999-2002 - North-Western Academy of state service, Saint - Petersburg

Refresher training

2005 - Saint-Petersburg sea fishing College

2011 - National centre for safety of fishery products, Moscow

2013 - "SGS Vostok limited" Branch in Saint-Petersburg

2014 - CJSC "SGS Vostok limited"

2014 - Kaliningrad Institute of retraining specialists agribusiness

2015 - Interdisciplinary Centre of advanced training, Saint-Petersburg

2016-2017 - St. Petersburg Institute of management and food technologies

Alexey Minin

Alexey Minin

Director of data Analytics Institute Deloitte CIS

Alexey has over 13 years of experience in the sphere of high technologies and development, and implementation of artificial intelligence systems. With his participation implemented more than 40 projects strategic sectors of the economies of the CIS and Western Europe.

Alexey is the author of 5 patents and over 20 publications in leading international conferences and journals dedicated to systems, predictive Analytics.

Education and professional qualifications:

Technical University of Munich (Germany), faculty of Informatics, DEP. Robotics, Doctorate in natural Sciences in the field of Forecasting Systems, 2012.

International Banking Institute, faculty of Financial management, a master's degree in Financial Management, 2011

Saint-Petersburg State University, Physical faculty, a master's degree in Applied mathematics and Computational Physics, 2008.

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