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On March 22, 2019, Eurasian Sugar Association together with the international sugar organization held the international conference "CIS Sugar Market " for the eighth time.

This year, the conference brought together 331 participants from 23 countries representing leading companies engaged in agricultural products, processing and sale of sugar and grain, as well as suppliers of sugar beet seeds, plant protection products, fertilizers and agricultural machinery, logistics and insurance companies, as well as representatives of the state Duma, Russian Railways, the Ministry of agriculture of Russia and Kazakhstan, the Ministry of economic development of Russia, FAS Russia, the Eurasian Economic Commission, the concern Belgospischeprom and the Executive Committee of the CIS, etc.

Taking into account the positive experience of previous years, this year the online broadcast of the conference again became an additional opportunity to expand the geography and increase the number of participants. Free access to the online broadcast was provided to the Federal authorities. The total number of users of online broadcasting on the day of the conference was 448 views, this is the second indicator in the history of conferences.

The conference was covered by 18 Federal and industry media.

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